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At Rifiniti we believe that businesses grow when people are enabled to work, engage and collaborate in spaces that continually meet evolving needs. For some companies that means more space. For others it means less but more effective spaces. In all cases, Rifiniti’s mission is to always enable employees to deliver their work with maximum productivity, creativity and pride.

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Optimized Workplace

The Rifiniti Difference

Harnessing your existing data and infrastructure, we empower organizations to optimize their real estate portfolios around the world. Quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively so you can improve engagement, collaboration and performance today and tomorrow.


Enabling data-driven decisions

to improve collaboration, engagement, business performance alongside cost savings (repurposing) through sharp workplace optimization


Actionable data science

Always-on access to actionable, data-driven insight of your global portfolio using leveraging the infrastructure you have


Analytics that predict your workspace needs 

as they evolve and the expertise to empower you meet them in near real-time


Overview Brochure

Rifiniti automates data gathering, analysis and reporting to provide you with powerful insights on workplace utilization, employee mobility, and much more.

Smart Workplace Council

A peer network of senior real estate executives who share best practices in workplace optimization.

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