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We are passionate about the positive impact space can have on businesses. We also love to talk about it with like-minded people who are excited by what optimized workspaces can do. Look through our blog posts, white papers, and news releases to join the conversation yourself.

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CFO Briefing: The Multiplier Effect of Corporate Real Estate Spend
Beyond the big picture: Workplace analytics offers more insight on space utilization
Video: The road to smarter property decisions is paved with good data
You Can Relax. It’s Rifiniti Reserv
Meet Rifiniti Optimo
A New Approach to Workplace Analytics (Overview Brochure)
Alan McGinty, Cisco
Workplace Analytics: Chief Financial Officers Leverage Cutting-edge Tools to Manage Costs and Drive Value
Case Study: Lenovo’s Data-Driven Approach to Portfolio Optimization

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