Cisco Partners with Rifiniti for Workplace Analytics

Industry leaders partner to transform and optimize corporate real estate portfolios


Regardless of whether a company occupies a single facility or dozens of buildings around the globe, the cost of office space is often second only to that of employee salaries and benefits. Yet most offices are used less than 50% of the time. Despite the potential for optimization and savings, many CRE professionals still rely on bed checks and rudimentary attendance metrics to identify opportunities.

Cisco and Rifiniti are changing that. The two companies have partnered to provide advanced workplace analytics, enabling companies to make faster, data-driven decisions about their corporate real estate portfolios.

Cisco Workplace Analytics powered by Rifiniti allows organizations to more accurately identify unused space through insights from every workspace, department, floor and building. With enhanced visibility, organizations can more efficiently optimize their real estate and reinvest savings in building workplaces of the future – helping to attract and retain talent, enable employee collaboration, encourage productivity and stand out from their competitors.

Cisco first started as a Rifiniti client, utilizing Rifiniti Optimo, the company’s SaaS analytics product that uses data science to measure actual space utilization and employee mobility. The company has installed Rifiniti in 100 Cisco buildings worldwide, monitoring over 13MM sf, and is managing its own digital utilization study to track occupancy and make better decisions about space utilization and planning.

Cisco has been working with Rifiniti to test and validate the benefits of the Optimo product using Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). Leveraging CMX, a variety of data sources, and Rifiniti’s proprietary algorithms, Cisco Workplace Analytics provides rich insights into workplace utilization, employee mobility, and other innovative KPIs.

The relationship has since evolved into a collaborative partnership, and the resulting Cisco Workplace Analytics solution uses a combination of Cisco wireless networks, CMX and Rifiniti’s analytics product.


Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences:

  • Detects wi-fi signals of employee devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones).
  • Identifies the number of devices, dwell times and locations to support floor-usage studies.


Rifiniti Optimo:

  • Delivers real-time intelligence in easy-to understand charts and heat maps available through a browser-based dashboard.
  • Makes recommendations for transformation or conversions.
  • Dynamic reporting allows companies to make ongoing improvements.


Greater insight into how, where and when people work allows organizations to optimize their real estate portfolios with actionable, real-time building and occupancy intelligence. Learn more about Cisco Workplace Analytics powered by Rifiniti at