Technology has created a seismic shift in where, when and how people choose to work. Workers are no longer tied to a desk or a phone. They can – and do – work anywhere and everywhere. Companies are increasingly challenged to re-balance the amount of reserved and open workspace to support those modern workstyles and bolster creativity, innovation and productivity. The fact that a larger percentage of the workforce is moving within and between locations, often in what appears to be a random way, makes it critical for companies to measure and monitor mobility and collaboration over time.

Modern workplaces
bolster innovation and engagement

Growth Without Growth:
hot desks create space for 5K more employees.

A data-driven approach

Rifiniti uses a data-driven approach to evaluate key metrics, such as assigned employee locations in conjunction with actual mobility, interaction and space utilization. Rifiniti then applies predictive analytics to provide insight on the type and amount of space needed and how best to configure that space. That evaluation enables companies to more accurately size and place collaborative spaces, such as huddle rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias and break rooms.

Value-add results:

Rifiniti’s data and analytics related to collaboration and mobility supports strategic decision-making that helps companies to:

Asset 7@2x

Reconfigure space that encourages collaboration and innovation

Asset 8@2x

Optimize formal and informal workspaces, meeting space and special use areas

Asset 9@2x

Design a modern office that attracts and retains top talent

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Improve corporate brand image

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Adapt workspace to accommodate changing lifestyles, employee preferences and technology

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Identify collaboration needs within departments, as well as efficiency to be gained in adjacencies

Unlock Opportunities

Optimo allows the user to drill down into the organizational hierarchy and provides nuanced insights about the behavioral differences between departments & sub-departments.

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