Utilization Study 

Anticipating space needs in the context of company needs can be challenging without the right, timely information. For many companies, the key is conducting a Digital Utilization Study with Rifiniti Optimo X. The study can offer important insights without installing expensive temporary sensors or performing a costly, time-consuming, and laborious “bed check” survey.


of employees spend less than
3 days/week in the office.

is the annual cost to US companies of employee disengagement.

Features of Rifiniti’s Digital Utilization Study

When is your next lease renewal decision due? A Digital Utilization Study could help you make a better choice
about what you need.


Automated processing of large data sets


Conclusions and recommendations


Attendance, utilization, mobility and other analytics at the building and department levels

Unlock Opportunities

Optimo X allows the user to drill down into the organizational hierarcy and provides nuanced insights about the behavioral differences between

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