Improving Collaboration With Space

Creating highly-effective collaborative teams takes more than the right people, in the right roles, focused on the right goals. It also takes the right space. And the right space takes more than installing white boards, comfortable furniture, and espresso bars—although those are all important! 

The many impacting factors are varied and constantly changing. Here are some. How many apply to your business?

  • Your teams, which need to collaborate with one another, where are they located? Are they in the same city but different parts? Maybe they are on the same campus but in different buildings. Maybe they are in the same building but what seems like miles apart?
  • How many of your employees telecommute yet have to come into the office once and a while for important collaborations? Is finding a place to work an inviting prospect or a challenge they sometimes decide just isn’t worth the effort?
  • Does your array of meeting rooms meet your needs or do some go unused while others are fought over like the bride’s bouquet at a wedding?

If any of these questions give you pause, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most companies face challenges like these every day with increasing frequency. Data analytics, or as we like to call it, the Analytics of Space, can provide you with data-driven answers to these questions and more.

We see this in our work all the time. For example, clients can leverage multiple existing data sets at their facilities using our smart machine learning algorithms that generate reports at the group, building, floor, or even zone level. There is also a way to do it that guarantees employee anonymity.

The Analytics of Space can help companies see which teams of employees work with each other most frequently and where. Is the distance between them acceptable or should they be relocated? It also helps them learn what makes some meeting rooms more popular than others, when and why it seems to employees that there is not enough of a certain type of room.

If your company struggles with creating collaborative teams, think beyond the important soft skills that we all try to instill in our teams. Look to the actual spaces and conditions in which they must collaborate.

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