New, Improved Optimo X Booking Analytics for Reservable Rooms

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The latest version of Rifiniti’s Booking Analytics feature, now available as a stand-alone, has some compelling new key performance indicators for deeper insights into reservable room availability and utilization.

Meeting rooms are usually in high demand, leading to congestion and complaints about lack of availability. However, rooms are also often booked but not used (no-shows), and mid-size and large rooms are frequently reserved and used inefficiently for meetings of 2-3 people. Squatters can occupy a room without a reservation, preventing others from using them. As one of the most valuable, and expensive, types of office space, meeting rooms require special attention from space planners, designers, and real estate managers. However, without rich analytics, it’s often impossible to identify or quantify the problems and take appropriate action.

Now, with Optimo X Booking Analytics, CRE teams can compare calendared reservations with actual meetings held, no-shows and squatting (unreserved room use), as well as understand the efficiency of room use (number of occupants vs number of seats).