Office of the Future – New York, NY October 28

The summit that connects fast-growing corporate tenants
and forward-thinking commercial landlords

Office tenants favor more sophisticated and technologically advanced work spaces and buildings to meet the rising expectations employees have from their employers. As a result, commercial landlords are beginning to plan and develop a new generation of office spaces that are more diverse and truly customized to how people work best.

Office of the Future is a summit that will bring together over 350 industry leaders (on both the landlord side and high-growth tenant side) to weigh-in on the latest opportunities and issues such as:

• Attraction & Retention of Top Talent: What Employees Want

• Amenities: Building-level, Tenant-level, and External to the Building

• Technology: Smart Buildings, Smart Spaces, Smart Cities

• Workplace Design as Business Strategy: The Pendulum Swings Back

• Building Upgrades: Making the Most of Older Building Stock

• Real Estate as a Service: Coworking, Variable Cost Space & Creative Landlords

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