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You have thousands of square feet of meeting rooms yet the complaint persists that there are not enough. The amount of meeting room space is probably not the issue. It’s how and when that space is and isn’t used.


Conference Rooms Right-sizing Options

Peak Conference Room Utilization

Average meeting duration

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Rifiniti provides granular workspace and workflow analytics.
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Take Informed, Proactive Decisions


Rifiniti can show you how many people on average use a room of a given capacity, which can help plan for the correct capacity in the future.


Conference room booking information provides key data to allow Rifiniti algorithms to more precisely measure overall utilization.


Even though your rooms are only booked 50% of the time, you continually hear complaints from people not being able to find a room when they need one. By looking at peak conference room utilization, you will understand when and what types of meeting rooms are needed.

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Booked and unavailable rooms that nonetheless sit empty are a persistent problem for most companies, squandering critical real estate resources. By comparing booking vs actual utilization, Rifiniti can provide real, continuously available insight into this issue.

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