Collaboration Analytics Module

Collaboration is key element in enabling employee engagement. Recent studies show that engaged employees increase earnings per share (EPS) by ~147%. How does your physical space enable collaboration? The collaboration module reports on departmental interactions using key metrics such as frequency, location, size, and duration of meetings.


How much time do groups spend in their own space?

How does mobility and collaboration vary across groups?

Which groups need to be co-located?

Rifiniti provides granular workspace and workflow analytics.
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Make Informed, Proactive Decisions

Collaboration is more important, more irregular, and because of our changing work patterns, more amorphous than ever before.
Rifiniti Collaboration Analytics module brings exciting insight to workplace optimization:


Physical vs Virtual Attendance.
By looking at the number of people who accept meeting invitations but who do not attend in person, can inform sizing of rooms as well as technology choices.


Intra and Interdepartment Collaboration and Flows 
Given the right attendee data, can determine which employees invite others to meetings as well as show the collaboration within and between teams.

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