Rifiniti and Osram
Optimizing Workplace and Rationalizing Conference Rooms

Can you tell how much of your office space is really being used? Or how often your conference room is being booked? We thought so. Underutilization of office space is a potentially huge money leaker for many companies whose managers may be too busy to notice or quantify it, let alone know how to plug it up.

Just think about it: most office spaces are used less than half of the time.

While Osram is already managing lighting via sensors on a smart lighting network, the partnership with Rifiniti goes a step further in offering enterprises rich analytics that they can use to optimize commercial office space and boost efficiency. Specifically, the collaboration harnesses Rifiniti’s workplace analytics solution, Optimo, to provide clients with the metrics for consolidation, conference room rationalization, hot desking, restack analysis and rebalancing individual and shared workspaces. All while providing employees with flexible, modern workplaces today’s job seekers have come to expect.


Industry majors join forces to offer smart building IoT solutions and cut costs for the commercial real estate


Space utilization optimization – enables companies to track office space occupancy and frequency of use, including the space in meeting and conference rooms. Companies then use the analysis collected from the tracking to restack space based on utilization and save on long term real estate costs.


Desk and meeting room booking – improves booking of desks and meeting rooms by detecting “no-shows” in reserved meeting rooms and making the room available for booking by others.

Download the ebook.

Download the ebook.

Osram: We shape the future of light

IoT plays a huge part in OSRAM’s service offering. To better understand the complexity of smart buildings and how IoT can help you unlock energy savings and optimize your real estate portfolio, download OSRAM’s newly updated eBook hereIs IoT Confusing? You Bet. is an excellent guide for differentiating from competitors and discovering new revenue sources from IoT.

We invite you to learn more about Osram.

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