Better tracking of occupant behavior: Brought to you by Rifiniti and PointGrab

As technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s not surprising that the CRE industry is demanding more granular insights for better guidance of smart decisions. And that’s exactly why we partnered with PointGrab – to offer our customers higher-level tracking of occupant behavior that expands their intelligence of costs associated with space utilization.

Closing the gap between the abundance of data-gathering opportunities across the CRE industry and the scarcity of efficient real-time analytics.

We chose PointGrab because it’s a leading machine learning and computer vision PropTech company whose smart sensing solutions are disrupting the building automation industry. By partnering up, we integrated robust data provided by PointGrab’s highly accurate, AI-based workplace occupancy sensing solution with Rifiniti’s software-as-a-service Optimo X. This powerful combination gives our customers even more indicators at their disposal when fine-tuning strategic initiatives that drive growth.



PointGrab provides the most advanced facility management sensing solution for workspace optimization in commercial real estate.

 News and Resources on the Partnership

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