Introducing Rifiniti Optimo X Private Cloud: An Option for Enhanced Data Security

We are pleased to announce that Rifiniti Optimo X software-as-a-service (SaaS) for workplace optimization can now also be hosted on customers’ private cloud instances to satisfy company data security and data privacy requirements. Complementary to our standard public cloud deployment, our private cloud option combines the advantages of SaaS with the assurance that all data stays behind the corporate firewall.

Private clouds are virtual environments with most of the same attributes as public clouds, the main exception being that they are implemented behind the corporate firewall, under the direct control and management of the company IT department. Learn how can Private Cloud help your organization. Rifiniti is committed to safeguard employee privacy, while providing granular workplace analytics to companies. For more information read our blog:  7 Ways to Maintain Employee Privacy While Improving Workplace Analytics.