Restacking demands ongoing attention and evaluation as increased worker mobility drives continuous change in the office environment. Companies are searching for ways to improve collaboration, innovation and productivity in today’s highly competitive business arena. People, processes and place are all important ingredients that factor into that success, and companies need to restack departments, business units and work teams to realize greater efficiencies.

Effective restacking
improves collaboration and productivity

Consolidated & Upgraded:
net avoided cost of millions of dollars

Value-add results:

Rifiniti’s data-driven analysis and planning takes the “guesswork” out of restacking and supports strategic decision-
making that helps companies to:

Asset 21@2x

Identify and prioritize locations for departments, business units or individual teams

Asset 22@2x

Determine the most efficient placement of shared spaces, such as conference and meeting rooms

Asset 23@2x

Minimize travel between floors and within large floor plans based on employee interaction

Asset 8@2x

Improve space utilization that can make space more efficient and enjoyable

Asset 19@2x

Consider multiple scenarios to help find the best course of action and minimize disruption

Asset 26@2x

Track mobility and space utilization to determine hoteling ratios

Asset 20@2x

Collect baseline data and maintain historical results

Asset 9@2x

Create a modern workplace to attract and retain top talent

Unlock Opportunities

Optimo X allows the user to drill down into the organizational hierarchy and provides nuanced insights about the behavioral differences between departments & sub-departments.

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