Rifiniti CEO Michael Gresty Joins OSCRE Board to Inspire Innovation and Fast-Forward Tech Adoption

Gresty brings a wealth of knowledge to OSCRE accrued over 25 years of advising Fortune 500 companies on various aspects of corporate real estate, data analytics and sustainability.


For over 15 years, OSCRE International has been at the forefront of guiding and informing the commercial real estate community about how information standards and technology maximize value and advance modernization.

As such, the organization prides itself in choosing the most innovative leaders to fill its board seats. Having the highest selection criteria is part of OSCRE’s commitment to help companies transform the way digital information drives their real estate business and unite digital information from multiple sources and platforms.

One of the newest  members to join the OSCRE International board is no other than Rifiniti CEO Michael Gresty, whose pioneering work in the domain of workplace analytics is making industry ripples by enabling companies to cut real estate costs, boost productivity and improve workplace performance.


When OSCRE International CEO Lisa Stanley encouraged Gresty to apply for a position on the OSCRE Board late last year, she saw him as an ambassador for bolstering efforts aimed at adopting technology at a faster rate across the industry.

“The Nominating Committee found Michael to be forward-thinking when it came to industry trends and very customer-focused,” Stanley said. She added that the biggest challenge affecting brokers, landlords, tenants, property managers, asset managers and facility managers continues to be the sluggish adoption of new technologies and standards that support effective data governance.

Gresty comes in at the right time – just as OSCRE International is taking a big leap to promote the digital future for the real estate industry with its recently formed Council of 100.

“Michael is a strong voice for our new Council of 100 whose group of industry visionaries collaborates on new ideas that need to be put into action,” Stanley added.

“He doesn’t take a status quo approach and is very proactive with great insight into how important collaboration is to industry advancement.”

Michael Gresty


As Rifiniti’s CEO, Gresty has a rare understanding of the challenges faced by real estate companies, particularly those concerning the lack of data governance and data structures.

“OSCRE International exists to help companies tackle these problems through standards and best practices of data governance and I want to spearhead initiatives that will really steer the industry towards a fresh, new direction,” he said.

One area that Gresty sees as requiring modification is the overall industry focus on the technology needs of owners and landlords at the expense of corporate tenants’.

Gresty believes there is plenty of room for the industry as a whole – which includes service providers and software companies in real estate – to be more inclusive of corporate tenants and attentive to their data governance needs for a more balanced representation of industry stakeholders.

“I want the industry to play a greater role in referencing this category in the value chain by meeting corporate tenants’ needs as well as bringing them into the OSCRE fold as future members, contributors and board members,” Gresty said.

“Corporate tenants represent a massive segment of the market and untapped potential for all industry players,” Gresty said. He also said that his involvement with using U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED program and ASHRAE standards has prepared him well for the challenges that need to be tackled through OSCRE.

Skills gap

Another critical area Gresty has observed is the overall lack of quantitative skills permeating the industry and the general inability of companies to appreciate software and analytics.

“OSCRE has developed several online training programs to address this knowledge gap in data governance and digital competency, and I encourage participation in these programs to build the skill set needed to stay competitive and achieve better outcomes,” he said.

”Most people in real estate don’t have this background and training, and many real estate executives and other key players aren’t taking advantage of data and systems that are available on the market,” Gresty added.

“They’re limited in what they know today, which is hampering wider adoption of technology in the industry at large.”

Gresty is excited about this new chapter in his career and eager to break the pattern of data silos in organizations by boosting collaboration between technology leaders and real estate.

“I’m ready to encourage companies to take advantage of data they have so they can reap benefits of investments they’re already making in technology,” Gresty said.

“And OSCRE is a great channel to accomplish this.”

To learn more about OSCRE International, visit http://www.oscre.org.