Rifiniti Announces Predictive Analytics Module for Office Space Planning

Rifiniti is pleased to announce the availability of our new predictive analytics module, the Optimo X Predict. Now CRE executives can leverage Optimo X’s real-time, granular space utilization data to explore scenarios when planning commercial offices.

Unlike a spreadsheet or CAFM, Optimo X Predict forecasts future requirements in detail by leveraging advanced algorithms and big data from real-time tracking of actual utilization. It enables companies to base decisions on robust data and analytics rather than limited, time consuming observational studies when renewing a lease, consolidating, increasing head count, or redesigning an office.

When making choices about long-term, expensive leases, costly expansions, redesigns, or major acquisitions, it is essential for CRE executives to have a best of breed, powerful and flexible analytics platform at their fingertips. Optimo X Predict’s intuitive user interface allows users to easily change important variables such as areas, density ratios, number of assigned employees, desk-sharing ratios, and mobility patterns to create, save and modify multiple “what if” scenarios. Using real-time data and predictive modeling, executives can improve the accuracy of space planning projections by more than 100%.

Contact us today to discover the power and convenience of Optimo X’s predictive analytics for office space planning.

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