Rifiniti Reserv

Rifiniti Reserv is an innovative and intuitive real-time cloud-based scheduling solution made to simplify the often-maddening process of booking meeting rooms, desks, or other resources.

Whether the resource is down the hall or across the world, Rifiniti Reserv makes the process of booking it straightforward and swift, from your employees desks or their mobile phones.


Web-based calendar view

Microsoft Outlook or Rifiniti Reserv App for Office

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Rifiniti Reserv Room Panel

Check-in is quick and easy

The mobile Rifiniti Reserv App, which also powers the Rifiniti Reserv Room Panel, not only books resources, it lets users check in so you always have real-time information on what is in use and what isn’t. If you are afraid people won’t remember to check in, don’t be: Rifiniti Reserv will remind them!


Password authentication


QR Code scan


NFC tag to, Bluetooth device


Facial recognition!

For administrators, Rifiniti Reserv provides instant visibility into the status of all resources across the enterprise.

External or internal, physical or cloud based: you choose. Your exclusive database is hosted securely on the cloud. However, if your company’s data security policies prohibit external hosting, no problem. You can elect to host your database on site, secured behind your firewall.

Rifiniti Reserv is fully scalable, supporting multiple locations, currencies, languages, and time zones for organizations of all sizes. There is no need for heavy in-house IT support.

Our remote deployment services will have your system configured and operational within the shortest possible timeframe making the entire experience stress free.

Get help from Rifiniti when
implementing the solution

For larger deployments, our professional services team is available to work at your premises to help you implement Rifiniti Reserv


Definition of operational procedures and workflow

Installation and upgrades

Screen and database configuration

Data migration

Custom application development

Custom interfaces

Report writing

User interface customization


Rifiniti Reserv Brochure

Rifiniti Reserv is an innovative and intuitive real-time scheduling solution designed to simplify the often challenging process of booking meeting rooms and hot desks.

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