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The CFO will report to the CEO and the Board of Directors and will be responsible for overseeing the company’s financial operations and for insuring proper management of the company’s financial resources, while functioning as a key member of the senior management team and participating in strategic and operational decision-making. The CFO will work with the CEO and other senior management to ensure that the company is meeting its revenue and expense plans and staying on budget, to evaluate strategic options for the company and determine company-wide investment direction and policies, and to perform financial planning and analysis, forecasting and budgeting. The CFO will provide the CEO and Board of Directors with guidance on capital allocation and key areas of financial decision-making and will play a central role in a Series B round of fundraising and/or strategic financing.


  • Work closely with CEO and Board of Directors to evaluate and determine key areas of capital allocation, including technology development, sales and marketing, and customer success.
  • Prepare investment and revenue plans for management review, working closely with the  sales team to determine revenue goals.
  • Prepare and adjust annual operating budgets, including high and low variations, and prepare monthly and quarterly reports for investors
  • Work with CEO and management to prepare for and execute a Series B round, including managing the investor process, preparing due diligence material, and helping to negotiate terms.
  • Assist, with guidance from outside counsel, in preparation and tracking of stock option grants and maintenance of cap table in
  • Prepare financial reports and participate in Board of Directors meetings (8 per year)
  • Oversee and monitor daily accounting operations including A/P, A/R, and Banking transactions.
  • Monitor and manage cash positions and the Company’s line of credit.
  • Conduct monthly SaaS revenue recognition by gathering job status information from project managers, reconciling with actual costs, applying appropriate revenue recognition
  • Generate month-end financial statements, with appropriate commentary
  • Reconcile and integrate financials from the Company’s Bulgarian subsidiary
  • Prepare sales analyses for management and for individual Project Managers.
  • Supervise and manage payroll activities to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • Maintain banking relationships including compliance reporting.
  • Assist with HR management and issues as needed.


  • Four-year college degree in finance or accounting.
  • 5 to 10 years’ experience as Controller and/or CFO in tech companies.
  • Experience in GAAP-compliant SaaS revenue recognition and SaaS KPIs.
  • Experience with banking, cash management and lending covenants.
  • Strong analysis and modeling capabilities using spreadsheets or similar tools.
  • Experience in raising private investment and venture capital
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Desirable:  Broader skills and perspective; mature management experience
  • Desirable:  Operations experience
  • Desirable:  Contract negotiation and management experience

Who we are:

Rifiniti is a SaaS solutions provider for commercial real-estate end-users. We integrate client data into our proprietary cloud-based data-warehouse, process it, and provide our clients with actionable workplace analytics.

We are an early-stage IoT software company, disrupting the corporate real estate market, with several successful years of growth.  We have a dynamic team, consisting of data scientists, software developers, systems administrators, and sales, marketing and support personnel. Our team is located in Boston, US, and Sofia, Bulgaria. We have a large and growing number of Fortune 500 customers, all of whom have significant leased and owned office space portfolios for their operations.

At Rifiniti, we believe that businesses grow when people are enabled to work, engage and collaborate in spaces that continually meet evolving needs. For some companies that means more space. For others, it means less but more effective spaces. In all cases, Rifiniti’s mission is to always enable employees to deliver their work with maximum productivity, creativity and pride. We help our customers transition to the workplace of the future with collaboration, mobility and flexible work spaces for the next generation employee.

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