Companies are increasingly challenged to find the right balance in coveted conference room space. At some firms, there is simply never enough space, while others may be throwing money at underutilized meeting rooms. Today’s more mobile workforce has completely upended traditional means of calculating conference room size, number and location. The rise of modern workplace design has meant throwing the old rules out the window when it comes to calculating conference room space. The only way to get it right is by measuring actual space utilization.

conference space
fosters collaboration

3-4 people
on average attend a meeting in person.
Most conference rooms are oversized.

Value-add results:

Rifiniti’s data and analytics supports strategic decision-making that helps companies to:

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Reconfigure existing formal and informal meeting space to maximize productivity and space utilization

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Rightsize the number and size of conference rooms to create a better balance between the supply and demand for meeting and collaborative space

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Create flexible space and/or alternatives that can be modified to fit changing need

Unlock Opportunities

Optimo X allows the user to drill down into the organizational hierarchy and provides nuanced insights about the behavioral differences between departments & sub-departments.

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