Companies across the board are facing the challenge of consolidating space to cut costs and adapt to changing workstyles. M&A activity, lease expirations and corporate divestures are other drivers that are forcing businesses to rethink, reconfigure and rightsize their real estate. Orchestrating a successful consolidation requires a delicate balance between creating desired efficiencies, while still maintaining a workplace that can accommodate future growth and be an asset in retaining and attracting employees.

Consolidation reduces costs and fuels workplace investment

Consolidation, powered by data-driven analysis

Real estate decisions are often made to reduce the square footage or number of sites based on outdated, inaccurate data or no data at all. Rifiniti starts by evaluating the most current granular workplace data, such as headcount housed, hot desking ratios, SF per workstation and SF per employee, in conjunction with collaboration and mobility patterns and behavior. Rifiniti then applies its data-driven analysis to plan and execute consolidation that best suits a company’s unique needs.

Value-add results:

Rifiniti’s data and analytics supports strategic decision-making for consolidation projects that helps companies to:

Asset 16@2x

Optimize space by aligning the real estate portfolio for current and future needs

Asset 17@2x

Identify opportunities to reduce real estate and cut costs

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Maximize the reallocation of funds to other projects and re-program space

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Consider multiple scenarios to help find the best course of action and minimize disruption

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Provide data to support faster – and smarter – real estate decisions related to owned and leased space, i.e. renew in place, sublease or sell underutilized assets

Unlock Opportunities

Optimo allows the user to drill down into the organizational hierarchy and provides nuanced insights about the behavioral differences between departments & sub-departments.

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