Worktech 2014 NY in Retrospect – Measuring Workplace Experience

Last week’s Worktech 2014 New York Conference featured speakers from all across of the corporate real estate spectrum. Directors of Real Estate, workplace strategists, architects. designers, and service providers participated in two full days of collaborative, thought-provoking content and discussions about measuring workplace experience.

Unlike previous years, the emphasis was on the individual employee rather than the workplace itself. This new interest stems from executives’ recognition that their employees are the fundamental building block of the enterprise and their wellbeing and hence, productivity, in the workplace is critical to the enterprise’s ongoing success.

Executives now ask for office designs focusing on functionality rather than aesthetics, to ensure their organization’s goals are entirely aligned with the space layout. But how does one know whether the mix of space (open vs enclosed, flexible vs more traditional, collaborative vs focused) is right, and how does one measure workplace experience and the effects of alternative workplace strategies on employee satisfaction and innovation? Where do employees tend to congregate, where do they prefer to work, and why? These questions still remain without a meaningful response. Obtaining and analyzing accurate data on continuous basis related to the workplace is the only way to objectively assess whether or not the office design is aligned with the way the organization operates in reality and comparing this to the theoretical building capacity projected by the architects as well as the assigned employee mobility categories in HR contracts.

During one of the Masterclasses – Lenovo’s Space Optimization StrategyDeidre Buzzetto (Director of International Real Estate for Lenovo) presented her recent successes in being able to quantify actual space utilization on both the building and room level with her use of the Rifiniti Optimo X Workplace Optimization Solution. For more information on this case study, please contact us.

To state-up-to date with latest trends and best practices related to workplaceoptimization and space utilization analytics, apply to join the Smart Workplace Council, a collaborative peer-to-peer network of CRE executives.

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